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spirited away full movieI remember falling in love with the Spirited Away full movie when I was a little child. Everything about that anime film intrigued and enticed me, and continues to do so even today. The reason I am reminiscing about these childhood memories is that I recently came across an old CD of the film, which obviously did not work.

For a while, I was extremely disheartened because I had wanted to relive those childhood moments. That did not last too long though because I found the perfect solution to my problem. I decided to watch Spirited Away online; however, my problems did not end here. Most hosts only had the movie in Japanese, which I did not understand. Nonetheless, I finally stumbled upon a Spirited Away English dub and boy was I over the moon!

Anyway, the reason I am sharing all these anecdotes with you, my readers, is because today’s post will focus on the full Spirited Away Movie – more importantly, some interesting facts about the film.

So, here are some fascinating facts you may not know about the movie Spirited Away.

  • It Did Not Have A Script

Shocker, no? With that amazing plot and intense characters throughout the movie, it is hard to believe that there was no script! The director, Miyazaki, never uses a script but rather lets the story develop as the production process moves along. Some talent, if you ask me.

Additionally, the man, Miyazaki did everything himself. He never let anyone touch a single storyboard from start to finish. The movie in its entirety is the work of one passionate genius. It is no wonder the New Yorker once called Miyazaki “the auteur of anime.”

  • Chihiro Was Based On Miyazaki’s Friend’s Daughter

Did you girls connect to Chihiro’s character on some deep, emotional level? Well, that was probably because she was based on a real-life little girl. Miyazaki wanted to create a character that ten-year-old girls could relate to, a typical girl with no superpowers.

Why did he base the anime on the little ten-year-old? Because he felt, as he watched his friend’s daughter and her friends, all who were on the verge of their adolescence, that they were meant to be more that little girls with crushes on their magazine stars. He wanted to make them young heroes. And that ladies and gents, was the conception of Spirited Away full movie.

  • The Names Of The Characters Are A Reflection Of Their Personalities

This would only have been clear to those who had some prior or basic knowledge of the Japanese language. In the Spirited Away full movie, all names of characters are representative of them. For example, Boh means little boy or son, while Chihiro means a thousand fathoms or searches.

  • Extra Dialogue Was Added Into The American Version

According to John Lassiter, numerous discussions were incorporated into the original script to explain to the American audience what was happening. The reason for this, he cited he cited, was to bridge the cultural difference between both societies. You especially appreciate this in Spirited Away online version, which would have been a bit confusing without the added dialogues.

  • Guess Who Voiced Chihiro’s Character?

You might have thought to yourself that the voice of Chihiro sounded extremely familiar. Yes, it did, and you know why? Because it was voiced by Daveigh Chase, who also lent her voice to Lilo, from Lilo and Stitch. Makes sense now, no? In addition to this, she was recognized in Hollywood for playing the infamous character of Samara from The Ring. That is our Chihiro for you, eemm..Daveigh Chase, I meant.

  • You Can Visit The Places In Spirited Away In Real Life

How cool is that! Downtown Juifen in Taiwan inspired the setting of the movie. Tourists can find sights and sounds here from the mystical spirit town.

Here is where I end my narrative. Aren’t you glad you know more about your favorite anime? Behind the scene, stories are always fascinating because they give you an insight into the mind of movie masterminds.

If you are yet to watch Spirited Away, full movie, it is better late than never. Feel free to dig right into it and be spirited away. If you were initially thrown off by the Japanese subs, we’ve got you covered. This Spirited Away English dub will bring you up to speed so that you can marvel at Miyazaki’s genius and relive those precious childhood memories. Go on and click the button below for the online version of Spirited Away. I promise you are going to love it.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click on the button below to watch Spirited Away online and let it transport you back to the happier times of your childhood. If you feel inclined, drop me a few lines and let me know what you think of the Spirited Away full movie. Until then, I will see you in the next post and happy watching!




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