Animated movies suitable for adult viewers

Top 3 animated movies suitable for adults

Animated movies have their own niche and they have their own audiences. Having realized the potential of the anime series of movies, the producers too started coming with a section of their work for adults. Animated movies always had medley of emotions and engaging drama that held the audience`s mind and viewership. So here we present you top 3 animated movies suitable for adults

  1. Heavy metal- the heavy metal movie draws medley from sci-fi, swords, horror and exploitation. Heavy metal is one such animated movie that adapted some of the best segments from magazines into the vibrantly animated contents. Though it was criticized by some for having a naïve approach, yet the rock songs included in the movie from Black Sabbath, Stevie Nicks, Blue Oyster and Journey rendered it a cult status amidst the viewers

However, the sequel of the movie, Heavy Metal 2000, was horrendous and it was a big let down from the makers. Many household names like David Fincher, Guillermo del Toro, James Cameron etc were attached to the development of the remake version that never seemed to move forward.

  1. Fantastic planet- the first and the foremost important work from Rene Laloux ; it was a simple masterpiece of by Rene based on science genre and it was way ahead of its time. It is based on the novel Oms en series which was written in the year 1957 by the leading fiction writer from French Stephan Wul.

The movie is based on the chronicle battles betwixt two humanoid races, one the blue bald giant named as Draags and other one other one namely as ohms.  Though being a battle movie, the author takes the movie in a very playful and narrative style supplicating it with equal amount of dosages of humor and absolute absurdity.

  1. Fire and ice- fire and ice, being an archetypical heroic, an engaging tale of a dark lord and a very good king, damsel in stress, a young celtic brave warrior, and the tale told by Bakshi. As per the reviews, it is one of the most popular and successful anime story of adult fantasy which is arguably the best animation equivalent to Conan the Barbarian.  It is also rated amidst one of the best-animated movies ever made. Moreover, a live adapted work of Fire and Ice has been in the work since the early 2010s.

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