Best cartoons of 2016-2017

Best cartoons of 2016-2017 voted by us

best cartoons 2016-2017As we all know that time has come for this year to conclude the good and bad things in every perspective (fascinating, in the sagacity of the old Chinese saying ‘May you reside in intriguing times.’). And although many individuals think that ‘fascinating’ times give a great deal of inspiration for comic artists, a lot of illustrators would certainly have been really happy never attracting another Trump caricature ever once again.

However, world occasions did inspire some incredible cartoons below on Animation Movement and in the spirit of the season we’ve made a leading 10 of the cartoons that were specifically excellent (in our point of view) and resonated with our target market and the past.

We can additionally conclude it’s been a good year for Animation Movement. We’ve preserved our financial freedom, sustaining the site by re-selling animations to various other media (although there’s additionally been media that did not bother with the tedium of actually paying comic artists) and by doing numerous comic and animation projects.

Here are details of some of the top rated cartoons in 2016:

  1. Haven: This year Brandan Reynolds provides us a cartoon that went viral. It perfectly records the inequality on the planet in a single image. Released in April 2016.
  2. No place to go: A really apt summary of the plight of many evacuees, by Abdelghani Dahdouh. It was released in January 2016.
  3. Reason & Effect: A lot of animations focused on evacuees this year. Naoufal Lahlali came up with an image which is just finest. All without needing a single word. Released in May 2016.
  4. Lessons from Background: Watching Hitler is always fun for most of us. There are correlations in cartoons, as they have the tendency to generate such strong feedbacks that any significant discussion is difficult. It’s shatteringly amusing therefore smartly executed that even stating Donald Trump is unneeded. Released in June 2016.
  5. Fashion: A look at the garment industry, by PayamBoromand.
  6. Currently What: The after-effects of the Brexit vote saw a lot of cartoons that used the Union Jack are some way (flags are always a prominent topic with cartoonists). We like this one by Andrea Vitti because it catches the complication so well. Published in June 2016.
  7. France: Sadly, a few of the most effective cartoons which were sharing the scary.
  8. I Have a Problem: An expressive rejoinder by Tomas to the particularly surprising end consequence of the US political elections. Released in November 2016.

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