What is the difference between manga and anime?

The difference between manga and anime

difference manga and animeThe terms manga and anime are often used interchangeably but in context they are very different. Manga means written and drawn animated stories whereas anime refers to Japanese animation which is in the form of hand written and computerized generated movie. In addition to all this, both these terms hold varied difference in terms of story changes, production length, artistic control and original and adapted works.

  1. Artistic control- manga is actually a one man show where a mangaka can write his or her stories and it doesn’t involve much people to deal with whereas anime production involve studios, directors , script writers, animators, editor and voice actor. So the major point of distinction here is the artistic control and this is perhaps one of the major difference between manga and anime. A mangaka`s work is limited much to him or herself unlike the anime work where lot of people are involved.
  2. Story change- the story of manga is often creativity work of an individual where an author sets his or her own skills into a story whereas the anime stories are somewhat gritty, gripping and involves a much more practical and professional approach to a viewer. Actually the anime stories are much conservative and polished as large number of professional people working on it whereas an author of manga is only working for him or hers story.
  3. Lengths of production- the time span between the creation of a manga story and anime also plays a huge difference. The time taken, to produce a single episode of a manga and an anime have huge differences. The story of a manga can be written, drawn and inked in only one week only whereas an anime story takes months to get into shape. Anime stories involve a contribution of large number of people and hence the work takes time to finish. If a series of anime has a much bigger budget, it gets then multiple production teams together which often leads to inconsistent episodes.
  4. Originality vs Adaption- majority of the manga works are original and genuine whereas anime works can be adaptive. However, manga work like “Star Wars” are exceptions to all this. Majority of manga authors don’t like this writing adaptation of other work. Anime shows on other hand are adaptive. For instance a very famous anime show pokemon was adapted from a video game. Adapted works are safer investments since the original one had already proved it`s worth.

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