Old cartoons vs New cartoons

Old cartoons vs new cartoons (Which ones are better?)

old cartoons vs new cartoonsWith the changing time, entertainment industry too has changed drastically. This can be not be less measured as the cartoon industry. It was those captivating and larger than life characters that developed an attachment with kids those days.  Now ever since the inception of this industry, it has acted as a sort of a social barometer displaying and shedding light on the social beliefs, culture of current generation. But the modern cartoon characters or the entire scenario of the new generation cartoons looks somewhat changed. So here we figure out the difference on the basis of which we can decide old cartoons vs new cartoons.


The major differences that have arisen

  • The entire process has now changed- earlier, making cartoons was a bit lengthy process since the cartoon had to be pitched to a studio, handed over to a group of writers, then taken to the animation department and only then was a cartoon series prepared. Now ever since the advent of the content sharing work over internet, independent animators over the internet have now become more prominent and they now get to showcase their skills. Today, buying a studio purchase is very easier and much simpler than what was before
  • Changed artwork- the computer laden animation today is much advanced demanding and much cheaper than the traditional animation. Whether a cartoon is rendered via CGI or it is using the cell shading technique (where a 3D model is colored to look to appear like the computer animated, the modern day cartoons are heavily dependent on the computer- generated imaginary.  Also today, many cartoon characters are given the flash animation, which gives a new outlook to the characters.
  • Change of vocal talent- well, the plain truth is that voice artists never get their due and even if it is given only a handful or even less than that get the credit they deserve.  Leave apart the exceptional cases, like Mel Blanc, majority of the well trained and talented voice artists go unnoticed. Dubbing artist such as Tara Strong and John DiMaggio hold cult following amidst the fans. But the truth is that the voice actors today are celebrities and producers now rely heavily on the voice content owing to the tremendous competition. In 1990s , the voice artists weren’t the celebrities and were normal trained expertise persons giving their voices. But today the same work is being done by celebrities who are given a hefty amount for doing so.

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