Top 3 Anime Series In The US Ever

Top 3 Anime Series In The US until today

top 3 anime in the usLet us first discuss in brief about what is anime and from where it got its origin. Well, Anime is a form that has its origin in Japan. The word Anime is nothing but the abbreviation of the word animation in the Japanese language. The anime which was is a form that originated in Japan now has become quite famous all over the world and has got a large number of viewers and fans. In Japan anime refers to all kinds of animation but this not the case when it comes to the other parts of the world. Yes, in other parts of the world, the word anime is meant only for the art form of Japan. Anime comprises of stunning and fantastic themes, colorful graphics and animations and the setting is the one that is of prime importance. The setting is beautifully captured with the use of various camera effects like zooming, panning and what not. The anime industry has got about 430 production studios which itself tells us the popularity the anime has gained. The anime has got various genres based on the audience. The anime which was first produced only in Japan spread to other parts of the world only in the late twentieth century. The most significant feature of an anime character is its large eye size. Anime has become popular and is very much liked by people in Western Countries also. There are many anime movies and also quite a number of anime series that are broadcasted in televisions.

Best Anime Series:

Anime is not just mere animation but it has various other features and that is why it has drawn the attention of many people all over the world. The emotional content is what that makes anime different and unique from the other Western cartoons. Now let us have a look into some of the best anime series that has been telecasted in the world television. One of the best anime series that has ever been broadcasted in the world television is the Dragon Ball Z. This series is actually inspired by a classic novel. This series is just loved by many and is one of the most watched anime series. Next in the list comes the Neon Genesis Evangelion which is actually a story of a parliamentary organization that fights angels through Evangelions. Cowboy Bebop is yet another amazing anime series that has been watched in US as it tackles the concepts of existentialism, loneliness and nihilism. Anime that originated in Japan has now become world famous because of its amazing techniques.

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